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Physical Properties of Hydrolyte



Physical Properties of Hydrolyte®


Physical State:                           Liquid

Boiling Point:                            100° C

Freezing Point:                          0° C

Specific Gravity:                        1.02 – 1.06 g/ml

Appearance:                             Clear

Color:                                       Clear

Odor:                                       Faint odor of chlorine or ozone

Evaporation Rate:                     Comparable to water

Solubility in Water:                   Complete

pH:                                           6.3 to 8.5

Health Hazards:

            Eyes                             Non-Irritating

            Skin                              Non-Irritating

            Inhalation                     Non-Irritating

            Ingestion                      Non-toxic

Storage:                                    30 days

Disposal:                                   Not regulated

DOT Number:                           None

Application:                              Liquid, Spray or Frozen